Extrusion Solutions North, LLC

Tim Groth

Tim Groth President / owner of Extrusion Solutions North, LLC has dedicated his life to extrusion. I am well aligned with the leading authorities in the industry to be a one stop shop for all your extrusion needs

The only thing I like more than standing on the extrusion floor and solving a problem is the smile on the faces when the problem is solved.

I grew up on the shop floor and learned every aspects of not only extrusion process but the extrusion business. I was an operator, set up technician, production manager and plant manager overseeing all aspect including engineering applications. I can convert the tribal knowledge to science, because I’ve been there. I’ve turned the knobs and I’m proud of it.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge. I call my self an extrusion specialist, meaning I have a lot of experience, I have been mentored by some of the best names in the industry, I’m aligned with the trusted industry experts in the business.

I look forward to helping you! See the services I provide and how we can start our business relationship today.


I came up through the ranks on the shop floor and learned every aspect of the extrusion process and business. I was always the go to guy and sent out to the plant in need of extrusion help. Many times, I was the face of the business explaining the resolution to the final customer.


I have a proven history of finding simple solutions to complex extrusion problems that saves you time and money. Reach out to my email: and schedule a free phone consultation.

I have 37 years of hands-on extrusion experience specializing in design for extrudability, tooling design, trouble shooting, material selection, plant set up, training of engineers, and set up technicians.

I became an extrusion specialist from my years of experience working directly on the shop floor with operators, tool makers and engineers. Through the years I have developed methods and techniques to reduce the operator interaction with the process by applying science and Lean Manufacturing techniques.

I take a practical approach and easily collaborate with Operators, Set Up Technicians, Process Engineers, Tool Makers, and Application Engineers while taking the tribal and experiential knowledge out of the process.