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Extrusion Solutions North, LLC provides Training Seminars on a regular basis. Since in-house seminars are more cost effective they can provide training specifically for your process with multiple attendees without the cost of travel and inconvenience to your people.

Fall 2022 Seminar

Do not miss this unique opportunity to attend and participate in a one-day seminar on extrusion science. The intent of these seminars is to be educational, effective, and efficient at an economical price. The seminars will be strategically located in areas of heavy extrusion populations, to limit attendee’s required travel time.
Presented by Tim Groth, President of Extrusion Solutions North, LLC. Tim has been in the extrusion industry for 38 years. His knowledge ranges from plant start up, material science, tooling, development, troubleshooting, applying Lean Manufacturing to extrusion process and training. Tim has authored multiple extrusion articles and is a contracted Penn College of Technology Instructor.

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