Joshua Larson

Director - Operations Development

“The team from Extrusion Solutions was a tremendous benefit for a very sensitive project. We needed to move an entire factory to a different state, and we were concerned with the level of documentation and process capability. After bringing them up to speed on the project, Extrusion Solutions came in prior to announcement. They were professional, cordial, and treated our Staff with the utmost respect. Their assessment of our process uncovered opportunities for us to be better prepared prior to announcing the project to our workforce. After the announcement, they made several trips to help support the equipment move and setup at the new location. Throughout the process, our internal team leveraged Extrusion Solution’s expertise to provide troubleshooting support. Following the project, they have remained a close business partner as we look to take our process to the next level of capability.”

Bob "Wip" Wiplinger


“Thank you for all the help you have provided me and Wipaire and your advice in locating an extrusion for the keel of our float. While our volume was too small for most of the companies, the machining company you recommend will work out just fine. I will be calling you when our need arises again or something similar.”

Chris Jones

Senior Director - Enterprise Supply Chain
Fenestration Industry OEM

“I’ve had the pleasure of working and experiencing Tim’s talents through our engagements as an OEM.

Tim has been steadfast as the consummate professional and problem-solver. He brings solutions to complex material and extrusion processes that have placed more emphasis on the ‘science,’ quality control and has reduced the dependency on the ‘art’ and nuances of knowledge only understood by the most experienced operators.

He has been a trusted resource within our company on design for manufacture with our engineering teams, tolerance stacking which has helped us successfully create new components with minimal trial and error that has saved everyone on costs and exceeding deadline targets.

We look forward to continuing to engage and pull-on Tim’s expertise and knowledge in the future.”

Marko Popovich

Plant Manager
Extrusion Plant Manager, NC Location

“Tim and I were colleagues at a previous employer. Tim helped train my team after we started our new site. Tim really impressed me with his ability to coach employees and his ability to perform the work himself when appropriate. What impressed me most was how Tim ran his site. The equipment at his facility were truly antiques. Tim never allowed this to be an excuse. He optimized the equipment and tooling to run some of the most complicated and intricate parts I have ever seen extruded with very little scrap. The level of detail he established with his tooling team set the bar for a world class extrusion site.

Many of us have dealt with so-called “experts” that can recite from text books, regurgitate what others have implemented or suggest that you buy new equipment or tooling when their suggestions for improvement fail. Tim has the knowledge and experience to troubleshoot and improve the tooling and equipment that is in place. If an investment is needed, Tim will help you establish which investments will offer the best ROI.

In addition to traditional extrusion Tim is also well versed in foam extrusion.”

Extrusion Solutions North, LLC

Tim Groth

Tim Groth President / owner of Extrusion Solutions North, LLC has dedicated his life to extrusion. Tim Groth is well aligned with the leading authorities in the industry to be a one stop shop for all your extrusion needs

The only thing I like more than standing on the extrusion floor and solving a problem is the smile on the faces when the problem is solved.

I grew up on the shop floor and learned every aspect of not only extrusion process but the extrusion business. I began as an operator, shifted to set up technician, advanced to Production Manager, and ended my career as a Plant Manager overseeing all aspects to include engineering applications. I can convert the tribal knowledge to science, because I’ve been there. I’ve turned the knobs and I’m proud of it.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge. I am proud to call myself an extrusion specialist and have earned the title by being mentored by some of the best names in the industry. I am aligned with the most trusted experts in the industry.

I look forward to helping you! See the services I provide and how we can start our business relationship today.

Extrusion Solutions North, LLC

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