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Tooling Design & Sourcing

Many times, a die runs high scrap, and the operator is blamed when the root cause of the problem is poor tool design. Just because a die can be built doesn’t mean it will not cause problems in the field. An excessive draw down ratio will cause internal stress. It may run ok, and produce satisfactory scrap, but an unhappy customer could call in six months wondering why the shrinkage is so high on their profile, or they are having complaints of uneven warpage. I can help design a new tool and guide the design, so efficiencies are gained. If you don’t have the capability of tooling in house, I have affiliates I can source for tooling.

Don’t struggle with scrap on a bad die. I can help! Call today!

Extrusion Services North, LLC

Extrusion Services

The following is a its of services, but is not an exhaustive list and no job is too large or small

Extrusion Solutions North, LLC

Tim Groth

Tim Groth President / owner of Extrusion Solutions North, LLC has dedicated his life to extrusion. Tim Groth is well aligned with the leading authorities in the industry to be a one stop shop for all your extrusion needs

The only thing I like more than standing on the extrusion floor and solving a problem is the smile on the faces when the problem is solved.

I grew up on the shop floor and learned every aspect of not only extrusion process but the extrusion business. I began as an operator, shifted to set up technician, advanced to Production Manager, and ended my career as a Plant Manager overseeing all aspects to include engineering applications. I can convert the tribal knowledge to science, because I’ve been there. I’ve turned the knobs and I’m proud of it.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge. I am proud to call myself an extrusion specialist and have earned the title by being mentored by some of the best names in the industry. I am aligned with the most trusted experts in the industry.

I look forward to helping you! See the services I provide and how we can start our business relationship today.

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I have 37 years of hands-on extrusion experience specializing in design for extrudability, tooling design, trouble shooting, material selection, plant set up, training of engineers, and set up technicians.

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